Traditional Craftsmanship

Over the last 160 years or so, the world has increasingly lost sight of values, tradition, heritage and taking care of our planet. Most desire a disposable, cheap item with a pretty finish that can be repurchased when it inevitably breaks.

Modern technology produces mass quantities using highly refined materials that posses no unique characteristics. There is no soul or energy to them, no differentiation and no heritage. The world became accustomed to blandness and disposability. Lets take metals as an example:

Modern Metals

Modern metals are completely uniform, homogenous and exact in every detail the world over. While in many areas of industry this is a benefit, it is an impediment to those seeking quality and character to pass down to future generations.

Craftsman Metals

Craftsman metals are forged from raw refined materials to billet and then into sheet and wire. Through proper annealing, quenching and forging the crystalline structure may be controlled, this structure is what provides the energy and soul of a piece. Repeated annealing and forging allows one to keep the crystals small and densely packed.